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Comcast shuts off analog signal in the Coastal Empire

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After more than a year's warning, Comcast's analog signal was shut off today, meaning Comcast limited basic cable customers who had not previously gotten an analog-to-digital converter box would no longer be able to view channels such as WTOC.

The City of Savannah partnered with Comcast to set up two locations in  the city where people can pick up the free equipment necessary to watch limited basic cable. And those sites were busier today than at any time since they opened at the beginning of this week.

"We've been making phones calls and sending out letters, but we didn't get a lot of response,'' said Nicole Smith, who worked the cable box pick-up site at the Moses Jackson Community Center in West Savannah. "But we've been getting  a large influx of people today because their cable has been shut off.''

The analog shut down is the last phase in Comcast's digital upgrade.

The signal was shut off for most of the Coastal Empire today. Remaining Comcast customers will have their analog shut off on December 12, at which time everyone will need a converter box.

"With that equipment, the benefits will be immediate,'' said Shannon Dulin, Comcast's senior manager for government and regulatory affairs. "They will notice that they have more channels that were previously not available to them. They'll also see enhanced picture and sound quality and it will open the door for us to some more interactive services to our customers.''

Comcast customers in Savannah and Pembroke will gain 14 channels, those in Metter will gain 12 and those in Hinesville and Jesup will pick up 16 stations, including WTOC's 24-hour weather channel.

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