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WTOC Investigation: Robocall mystery invention revealed

Jeremy Baker Jeremy Baker

A mystery product. A mystery company. A mystery investment opportunity.

Those are the elements of the latest automated phone message making the rounds in the Coastal Empire, aimed at enticing people to learn more about their product with a promise of a free dinner to hear the details of a new invention.

Tuesday night, WTOC investigated this new robocall, which we discovered is linked to a company called Dang-Air, based in Longwood, Florida. 

Wednesday, we found someone who actually attended the dinner/presentation in Savannah. He also revealed what the "revolutionary" "state of the art" invention really is.

The calls to cell phones and landlines make big promises.

"This is such a unique product. It can be used an many areas of our lives," the man voicing the robo-call says in the message.

Jeremy Baker got the call.

"I was curious. Real curious because they said this invention was fabulous," Baker, owner of Tree Services and Home Improvements in Port Wentworth, told WTOC.

"We even use NASA engineers to assist with the design," the message continues.

"It would change the way people use air today," Baker said.

"There is only one word to describe your future and that is success," the message promises.

A mystery invention and big money perked Baker's interest after he received this five minute robocall message from a company called Dang-Air. Baker called the number he was given.

"When I finally got someone on the line and asked questions about the product, he hung up on me," he said.

The hang up didn't stop Jeremy from calling back and setting up his free dinner presentation with the mystery inventor  where they would show him how he could make millions as an investor.

"I wasn't suspicious. I wanted to see what the product was," Baker said.

Baker says he, his wife and one other person attended a free dinner at a downtown Savannah restaurant where he said Dang-Air Inc.'s event manager gave an hour and a half presentation over dinner. 

"This guy was not a very good speaker at all. I almost fell asleep," Baker said.

After the presentation, baker told WTOC the inventor finally unveiled a prototype of this revolutionary invention.

"It's a small canister, about the size of a flashlight, with an attachment you can fill up a tire with," Baker said. "Just chhhhh. In 20 seconds your tire is full."

Baker said the inventor claimed the device could be used around the house too. There was one problem.

"I didn't see it work. I just saw the prototype," Baker said. "It looked like something that could be used, but, I dunno."

Baker is going to stick with his landscaping business. He left the meeting, after the free dinner,  and before any talk of money.

"I knew he would get to the part after a break to pull out our money," Baker said. "I have some doubts. I'd like to see this device actually work."

A Google search of Dang-Air only produces a Facebook page, with one like. However, a search of similar, instant air devices, resulted in several matches for existing products which, at least, sound like the product Baker described.

A call to Dang-Air reps on Tuesday ended with the person on the other end telling WTOC they could not tell us anything about the product because of a patent pending.

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