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Longest time at sea record holder docks in Wilmington

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Reid Stowe becomes the first man to travel at sea consecutively without stopping to resupply. Setting a new world record of 1,152 consecutive days at sea. Reid Stowe's boat "Anne" is now docked in Wilmington and plans on being here through the winter.

"I started ocean voyaging when I was a teenager," said Stowe. "I built my first boat just down inland behind Ocean Isle Beach behind our family cottage when I was 20 years old."

The North Carolina native started the journey with his wife Sonya Hamad.

"On the 1000 day voyage, I made the commitment to go to sea for three years," said Hamad.

However, 306 days later, Hamad ended her trip. She was pregnant.

"For the sake of my kid and for everyone, I thought it would be best if I got off the boat," said Hamad. "That meant Reid would have to keep going on his own."

The quest was a journey Stowe had been preparing since he was 20 years old. He had everything he needed, physical and mental.

"It was my love," said Stowe. "It was my passionate love of life and my love of what I do at sea that kept me going and kept me healthy."

Just a few weeks into the journey, the boat was hit by another ship causing damage to the front of the boat. A little over a year later, his son Darshen was born. Stowe continued on his journey, nothing would stop him.

"It wasn't about the records," said Stowe. "I didn't even think the records were that important, it was more about man exploring on and man evolving."

The three year adventure ended in July 2010 in New York. Since then, the family has been traveling at sea to ports in North and South America.

Stowe broke more than one record, he became the first man to travel alone at sea for 846 days.

Hamad also set a new record, becoming the first woman to be at sea consecutively for 306 days.

Stowe says he's going to take a few years off to take care of his family and try to give his son a normal life.

Their journey can be followed on www.1000days.net.

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