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Editorial Salute - 12/6/12

For those who still cherish personal-freedom, common-sense, individual-productivity, and the American traditions of integrity, responsibility, spiritual-faith, military and moral strength, among this last election's deepest-disappointments, was the defeat of a truly-distinguished Black-American, Florida Congressman Allen West.  A retired Army combat veteran, who knows, first-hand, the sacrifice and true-cost of first creating,  then maintaining, liberty, Colonel West is one of the most dedicated, historically-learned, nation-loving, bright, candid, articulate, and backbone-blessed leaders speaking-out for freedom in America today. 

We salute the military and civilian service of Colonel Allen West. The former, impressive; the latter, equally-so and, thankfully, just beginning.  His defeat, another symbol of voter-myopia and foolishness; as such, a disgrace.  His return to the public forum, eagerly-awaited.   

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