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Editorial - 12/10/12

On the subject of socialized-medicine, another government invasion of our private lives, you're all aware of the dire quantity and quality consequences of the Feds taking over private medical care in America, the first step being this whole medical-insurance debacle waiting to financially-pummel companies, employees, and others, like a Gaza rocket-barrage. After the wallet-impact, the next reality-hit will be when the huge increase in those seeking care, runs head-first into fewer professionals available to give it.  As the latter opt to retire, go private, or simply leave the profession, rather than accept even more care-dictates and pay-cuts under the federal yoke. 

Though sold to the gullible as a cost-reducer, the opposite is true. So to force those phantom savings, ultimately, rationing of medical care will have to be imposed. First, then, to experience treatment-rejection will be the elderly, with life-improving, or prolonging-care deemed no longer cost-worthy by  bureaucrats, not your doctors.  But, also on a cost-benefit basis, what about disabled newborns?  Could they, too, be caught-up in the care-rationing net?  The short answer is yes, as we stupidly seek to emulate Europe.  England has socialized-medicine.  No surprise, funds have run short, mandating care-cuts.  Among such, revealed by a Brit-physician, the practice now, with parental permission, no doubt encouraged, that allows severely-disabled newborns to slowly die, by withholding food and water. Sounds impossible to believe, but as socialist-governments run out of other people's money, through cradle-to-grave handouts, the grave must come sooner.  Something else to consider, as rampant-federalism squeezes the life out of freedom. 

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