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Officials believe more people may have been exposed to rabies


Chatham County public health officials believe more people may have been bitten or scratched by a rabid feral cat in the Towne Lake area of Godley Station.

So far, 10 people have tested positive for rabies. Health officials believe some people in this area may have been exposed but aren't aware of it.

The rabid cat died Nov. 30 and was very aggressive and sick. Health officials say the cat was probably exposed to the deadly virus from a sick raccoon or skunk.

Health officials say if you have been bitten or scratched, contact the Chatham County Health Department or Animal Control immediately. It can take three months to a year before someone with the virus becomes sick.

"If an animal is foaming at the mouth, has paralysis and doesn't show fear of natural predators, like humans, it may be rabid," says Todd Jones, environmental director of the Chatham County Health Department.

So far, there have been four rabies cases in Chatham County this year. The 10 people who tested positive are being treated.

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