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Bloomingdale resident concerned about recent wrecks on US 80

Bethany Culver Bethany Culver

In less than one month, two bad wrecks have occurred at the intersection of US Hwy 80 and Conaway Rd. in Bloomingdale.

For nearly 30 years, Bethany Culver has lived at a home on US Hwy 80 in Bloomingdale. While she feels safe, it's just beyond her front door where many have crossed paths with danger.

"There have been numerous accidents," said Culver. "There has been two that ended up in our yard. One ended in our driveway. We had one takeout our mailbox and one in the ditch."

It's for that reason she doesn't dare to step foot in her yard without caution.

"I never allow the grand children to play in yard because I am scared to death of vehicles getting in an accident and going into our yard," said Culver.

On Tuesday morning, Culver woke up to the screeching of a bad wreck that happened on Conaway Rd. A white Honda pulled out onto US Hwy 80 and crashed into a semi heading west.

"I jumped out of the bed and looked out the window. Simultaneously, I saw a white car just across the highway on the curb," said Culver. "A Bloomingdale police officer was there. I saw him take his flashlight and look in the car and call the ambulance. Then I didn't want to look anymore."

The driver of the Honda later died. It is the same site where a three car wreck left one driver seriously injured one month ago.

"I just think sometimes on Conaway, when coming out onto a five lane highway, it seems people get in a hurry sometimes. It's when they pull out. Some of the traffic coming from this way if two vehicle are side but side, you can only see one," said Culver

Culver hopes one day she could wake up to the flashing of warning lights rather than emergency beams.

"I would like a caution light or even if it came down to it, I would rather have a red light to get out of my driveway than see anymore accidents at this spot," said Culver.

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