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Summer School Students Await CRCT Results

School will be starting back up in about a month, but will those third graders who did not pass the Criterion-Referenced Competency Test (CRCT) be repeating the third grade? They had a second chance to take the test during summer school.

There were 274 students in Chatham County who had to retake the CRCT. Now they're all waiting on pins and needles to see if they passed.

"The kids got a lot more attention [in summer school]," said assistant superintendent Sam Light. "They really concentrated on the strands that caused that student not to meet standard on the original test that happened in April and May."

After a three-week crash course, third grade CRCT summer school is over. Now it's a waiting game for test results. "There was a lot of very specific involved instruction and the teachers really felt good about it and so did the students," said Light.

Officials at the board of education predict the majority of third graders retaking the CRCT will pass, and they're not at all concerned about classrooms being overcrowded this fall.

That's because third graders will get another chance at getting into the fourth grade. "If they don't meet the standard the second time and they've taken the test twice, they have an opportunity to appeal," explained Light.

Appeal take place between parents, the child's teacher and school principal. "Those three or four people will look at the overall achievement of that student throughout the school year and see if he or she should be promoted based on their overall achievement," said  Light.

Test results will be in by next week. Parents will be notified by mail.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,

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