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Wendy's High School Heisman

Ryan Day of Thomas Heyward Academy averaged over 140 yards a game in leading the Patriots to the SCISA-AA state championship game.

But the multisport athlete is just as productive in the classroom where he is intrigued by history and what that means to us today. "It's kind of cool knowing what happened and why we're here." said Day.  "That's always been my favorite subject."

He may be a history buff but when he goes to college he will be on a pre-med track.  Day's top three choices for college are Furman, Clemson and Berry College in Rome, Georgia.  He will have an eye on becoming an orthopedic physician in the future because of what happened to him in the past.  "I broke my clavicle twice my sophomore year and got to spend a lot of time around it," said Day.  "I had 2 surgeries and I also broke my finger and had surgery on that.  So, I was in a sling and a cast at the same time and I got to spend a lot of time around it my sophomore year.  That's what got me interested in it."

One of Day's strengths is his attention to detail not only in the classroom but on the football field as well.  "He has a wonderful attention to really zero in on what's going on is class more than most people his age," said history teacher Don Hult.  "Ryan is down with the most minute details on his test papers and homework papers."

Head football coach, Nic Shuford, added, "He's so smart.  He sees lanes and holes opening up before anyone else does.  His field vision is just amazing.  He does a great job of setting up blocks.  His football IQ is the biggest thing that helps him out."

Playing football and baseball, doing community service and keeping the grades up presents a challenge especially if you have a long trip to and from school.  "It kind of becomes habitual for me because I have been coming to Thomas Heyward since I was 4 years old and I live on St. Helena which is an hour away.  So an hour there and an hour drive back every day."

Day is skipping basketball this season to concentrate on getting ready for baseball.  He is already hitting he batting cages.


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