Property Tax Confusion in the Low Country

Beaufort County officials are in a bind when it comes to property taxes. Both the South Carolina House and Senate passed a bill that would put a cap on the value of your home when it comes to paying property taxes. The county could not raise that value by more than 20 percent, but that bill is still sitting on Gov. Mark Sanford's desk.

Now the tax assessor's office is going ahead with new tax assessments, so officials know how much money will be coming in. Right now the county has no limit on upping the value of your home, which means some may still go up by more than 20 percent.

The tax notices are scheduled to go out next month.

"We're left in limbo," said Beaufort County administrator Gary Kubic. "So we're going forward with what we have and we're also running a parallel system in the event the governor decides soon to impose the 20 percent cap by signing the legislation."

Kubic says if the bill becomes law after the notices and tax bills go out, it could cause some confusion and they might have to do a lot of recalculating and refunding.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,