Chalk gives a beacon of hope at Savannah Christian

Chalk gives a beacon of hope at Savannah Christian

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Services at Savannah Christian Church ended a little differently this weekend. Members were asked to grab chalk to etch their prayers on the campus for strangers a thousand miles away, the victims and families of the shooting rampage in Newtown, Connecticut.

"A prayer for God to light their darkness," said Member Jennifer Russell. "I couldn't imagine losing one of my children."

"My prayer was may God help all the hurting all across the world," said Member Elizabeth Terra.

Senior Pastor Cam Huxford said this gives members an opportunity to not only write prayers but to express their grief and concern about the unthinkable events that unfolded at Sandy Hook Elementary.

"Things that go without saying need to said and so our people are saying what they believe," said Huxford. "They are writing prayers of hope not just for folks in CT, but folks in our church and community and other places around the world."

Church leaders say with the holidays around the corner it is an unthinkable time to lose a child.

"It is a time when parents should be preparing Christmas gifts for our children not preparing for a funeral, so its been very emotionally impacting for us," said Director of Worship Arts Mike Frazier.

Through the prayers left in chalk these adults and children are able to express their pain in a way that unites them all.

"I think it's amazing it lets the younger kids relate and be able to do theirs in a different way," said Russell.

"I think it shows us how vunerable we are and how we need to help each other and be aware of our circumstances and try to be there for each other, particularly the children," said Terra.

So on Sunday, a piece of chalk is giving the mourning a beacon of hope in a time of darkness.

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