Editorial - 12/17/12

Last Friday, twenty young Connecticut children arrived at school like any other day.  But it wasn't just any day.  It would be their last. A demented gunman would see to it, raining death down upon them.  No one in their right mind kills innocent children.  Darkest evil was visited upon their school that day, leaving shock, grieving parents, and the survivors exposed to trauma and tragedy the very young shouldn't see.

As expected, anti-Second Amendment voices have re-ignited the call for the banning of fire-arms.  Do remember, however, that wherever gun-control has been imposed, crime has increased, since the bad-guys remain the ones with the guns. The fact is, the only ones who benefit from banning private fire-arms are street-thugs, dictators, and wanna-be's.   For totalitarians, who demand total control and devotion, along with guns, the worship of God must also be eliminated.    

But, here, as with so many issues, we rush to flawed judgment, calling for what, on the surface, seems to be the most expedient solution, although here, an unconstitutional one, treating the symptom, not the disease.  The underlying illness, which, sadly, too often, surfaces as violence, is not the guns, or the knives, or generic "blunt objects," it's the far-tougher-to-solve,  accelerating erosion of our society, especially among some segments. The traditions, standards, character, work-ethic, and respect, once initiated, and maintained by parents, then reinforced by teachers, peers, and the demands of competitive education.  Sadly, we've allowed that chain of productive growth and acceptable behavior to atrophy, as remaining positive role-models, once plentiful, now struggle to gain traction.  From the local level to the nation's capital, the existence of solid-character is no longer a given, or too often, even desired, as glorification of self, shoves the well-being of others and our nation aside.  More next time.