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10-year-old basketball phenom

Derek Edwards, Jr. Derek Edwards, Jr.
Derek Edwards, Sr. Derek Edwards, Sr.

Derek Edwards has been playing basketball for the last 6 years, almost since he learned to walk. But he is already known from the east coast to the west coast for his skills on the court.

He plays basketball in a church league and with his AAU team and loves learning the game of basketball, "I like challenges," said Edwards.  "When I get a challenge it just makes me better."

The challenge for Derek Edwards is to handle the basketball.  At 10-years of age, he has already caught the eye of AAU coaches all across the country.  The Savannah youngster was first noticed at a camp held at Myers Middle School and gained a lot of attention at a camp held in Atlanta.  "He was a 4th grader playing among the 5th, 6th and 7th graders and he got ranked in the 5th grade group, 5th grade division, got ranked number one so I was very proud of him," said his father, Derek Edwards, Sr.  "He went up there and worked hard for it."

He says he's an average shooter and that his ball handling skills are the strength of his game, "I just like dribbling the ball like I'm a point guard.  And I like when I dribble the ball I go to the hoop and shoot the ball.  It's just exciting when I play it."

His father added, "He picked the ball up when he was four years old and he was dribbling, dribbling with both hands and I knew he had talent then so from there he was shooting and passing and he just went from there."

He gets much more pleasure out of helping his teammates score rather than doing the scoring himself.  "It feels good," said Edwards.  "It feels like I'm being caring to others. When you don't get a shot, they get a shot and I get an assist when they make it."

He has a student's approach to the game and that also applies in the classroom as well where he's a straight-A student, "It just makes me think more.  It's just like basketball, when I think more it makes me get better at it."

In August, Edwards will travel to San Diego to attend another national AAU Basketball Camp.


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