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WTOC Defensive Player of the Year

Raekwon McMillan Raekwon McMillan
Kirk Warner Kirk Warner

Raekwon McMillan is considered a 5-star recruit and a top prospect to be an all-star at the collegiate level.

The Liberty County linebacker is just a junior but he is already being recruited by all the top football schools in the nation.

How do you describe yourself? "I desscribe myself as a team player, anyway I can help my team out, or my team to win, I will do that," said McMillan.  His coach, Kirk Warner, added, "He's an outstanding person.  He gets the business done in and out of the classroom, first person to come to work, last one to leave, just wish I had about 20 more like him, man."

The Liberty County Junior recorded 151 tackles, 7 sacks, caused 5 fumbles, recovering one. His success may come from his love of the weightroom.  "It always translates to the field," said McMillan. "When you're in the weight room and working out you get stronger, then when you get on the field you feel like a man among boys, it feels good to dominate."

Warner remembered when McMillan began hitting the weight room, it was a little different, "I don't know how enthusiastic he was when he first came in, but once he started seeing his body transform.  He knows to be the kind of player he wants to be he's going to have to get bigger, stronger, faster because he knows all those people are going to be in that category."

And as humble and grounded as he is away from the field, he's a different guy in a game, "He's a head hunter on the field," said Warner.  What changes in him, what makes him tick? "I told him he could be an actor in Hollywood because he's definitely Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. He's calm and laid back off the field, but he turns into a monster once that whistle blows."

McMillan added, "Coming from the church, you know you got to stay grounded, and give thanks to God, because it can all be gone in one day."

McMillan has said that his top five colleges are alphabetically, Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, Ohio State and South Carolina.  He expects to make his announcement at the Under Armor All-Star game in 2014.  That will keep a lot of college coaches spending a lot of sleepless nights.
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