Youngsters Attend Cyber Camp

What are your children doing this summer? If they spend hours on the computer, it may not be a bad thing. They could be working on their careers.

Especially at a computer camp at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro. Youngsters are working with college professors and doing a lot more than playing games of solitaire and sending email.

Student JD Bell enjoys computers. So much so he'll spend all week at the cyber camp. "I've learned a lot of basic programming," he told us.

Across the lab, Johnathon Stewart came from Chicago to stay with relatives to attend. "My cousin is the program assistant and he told my mom about this camp," he said. "He set up the registration."

You might think it was silly to send kids to camp for a week to play online games, but they're not playing them. They're building them. "The camp teaches not only web page design, but the navigational tools to link games into a website.

"Half the class is game programming and the other half is web design and creating web applications," the school's Dr. Jim Harris explained.

The camp is on the level of a college intro course. Early interest and ability could lead some of the students to a field of study in college and an eventual career.

Maybe the toughest thing this week is explaining what they learn to their parents. "For the most part, they say, 'That sounds interesting and all,'" camper Morgan Anderson said. "But they don't have a clue."

Georgia Southern's College of Continuing Education sponsors the camp. And beside Chicago, students come from as far as Athens and Jacksonville.

Reported by: Dal Cannady,