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Editorial - 12/24/12


Tis the season for the cinnamon nut-rolls to erupt on-cue in their continuing intolerant-campaign to remove any public evidence of the Jewish and Christian faiths.  Aided and abetting in their unceasing-crusade by purposefully-distorted decisions from left-wing judges, who know perfectly well that the First Amendment intent of our Founders was not freedom from religion, but rather to prevent the federal government from imposing one upon us all.   Thus the insidious efforts of those conveniently-offended, secular self-worshipers, whose crusade against public symbolism and devotion to faith, has no Constitutional basis at all.  And yet, while the vast majority of Americans, thankfully, continue to express a belief in God, we continue to roll over, for fear of vengeful, baseless lawsuits, from the few who condemn any public display or expression of non-secular faith.

A suit was filed against a statue of Jesus, near a Montana ski resort, placed there 57-years ago, as a shrine, by World War II veterans.  Suddenly, the atheists dug-up someone who's offended.  Last year, the governor of Rhode Island turned the state's Christmas tree into a holiday tree.  He got so much grief, this year, he cancelled the tree lighting.  At a school in Texas, the PC-Fairy banned the writing of "Merry Christmas" on cards being sent to our troops in the Middle East.  In Santa Monica, the faithful did a legal end-run around the ban on unattended nativity scenes, by doing a live one.   Because of its inseparable-association with Christmas, however, a challenge to the "Santa" in Santa Monica may yet emerge.   Now, as we celebrate the holy season, our hope is that the Hanukkah observance was a joyous one for our Jewish neighbors.  And for Christians, and their annoying detractors, our best wishes for a joy-filled Christmas and a blessed New Year.

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