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WTOC Offensive Player of the Year

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Keynnard Campbell Keynnard Campbell
Jonathan Mauk Jonathan Mauk
Mauk and Campbell with trophy Mauk and Campbell with trophy


Keynnard Campbell was named the WTOC Offensive Player of the Year.  He had a phenomenal season, throwing for over 3,000 yards and 36 touchdowns.  He also rushed for well over 1,800 yards and 22 more touchdowns during the season that saw the Braves go 6-4 in the regular season but make the SCISA Class-A playoffs.

It was a matter of getting used to starting at quarterback and learning about his teammates. "It was my first year of like starting at quarterback, so it was different for me," said Campbell.  "It took a lot of work, starting in the summer time but I eventually got it down to know what they were going to do and when they were going to do it and how they were going to do it."

Braves coach Jonathan Mauk added, "It's hard not to make him successful because he is just a tremendous athlete, tremendous player.  But, most important he is a tremendous young man.  I think that's going to carry him a long way in life just because whatever he does he gives it a full out effort."

In the post season, Campbell was even more dominating.  The Braves scored 192 points in 3 games and beat Williamsburg Academy 60-24 in the championship game as he ran for 305 yards and a pair of touchdowns and also completed 21 of 28 passes for 312 yards and 5 touchdowns.  That's over 600 yards of offense and he said things just fell into place. "The state championship game, I felt better than I ever did before and I knew it was a state championship game but I just got really comfortable in it and treated it like it was a regular game," said Campbell.

"I've been around some players who put some pretty good numbers out there but to do 300 of each is pretty special," said Mauk.

Campbell plays both ways and he surprised me with his answer of which he preferred, offense or defense, "Definitely defense because growing up I knew I loved to hit people.  I used to hit my teammates when I was in little league even."

That didn't surprise Mauk, "I think he can play in the SEC at safety.  Not saying that he couldn't play offense but I think at the next level he'll be a big time safety."

Campbell says he wants to work on his footwork so that he can throw the ball better next season when he is a senior.  He hopes to lead the Braves to another championship.



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