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Family thankful to be alive after car crashes into home

Family thankful to be alive after car crashes into home


A quiet Christmas turned terrifying for one family on Lakeview Drive in Hinesville after a car went flying into their home on Christmas morning.

There were 7 people in the house when it happened.

"It sounded like thunder right inside the house," said Juan Gandia, who had entered the front door minutes before it was smashed by the car.

According the police, two cars were racing and one lost control, plowing into the home.

"We here a screech and not even seconds later the car is going through the door," said Ceferino Gandia, who had his entire family inside.

The family told WTOC that the car missed them by only feet and that one of the family members was by the door only a minute before the car came crashing through.

"If it would have been earlier my brother could have been under that stairwell, if it would have been a couple feet to the left that would have been the end of my family right there," Ceferino Gandia said.

The good news is no one was hurt. But for the Gandia family, they said something like this will change their lives forever.

"You never expect to appreciate the little things until something like this happens and now I appreciate everything and I appreciate being alive after this," said Gandia.

The Red Cross helped the family find a hotel and gave them some money for temporary living costs.

The brothers told WTOC that after everything had settled, they shared a toast, grateful to be alive.

"I said we survived the end of the world, we survived some guy parking his car in our living room," Gandia said.

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