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Driver faces DUI, racing charges after crashing car into house

Cefarino Gandia shows damage done to the home. Cefarino Gandia shows damage done to the home.

Hinesville police charged a driver with DUI and drag racing charges. They contend he was racing in a neighborhood, attempted to round a curve and crashed his car into the living room of a house.

Police said Garvari Dixon-Lewis, 30, of Hinesville, was charged with DUI, racing, reckless driving, and open container. A second driver, Howard Craig, was also cited for racing, police noted.

Early Christmas morning, the Gandia family was inside a Lakeview Road home, where they've been staying, when the car crashed through the front wall.

"My wife and I were sitting on the love seat, my daughter, her boyfriend, and my son were sitting on the couch," explained Cefarino Gandia. "The car crashed in and knocked this sofa back and I grabbed my wife.

Gandia said he found Dixon-Lewis still in the car.

"He tried to crank the car - twice. Then he starts asking me what happened and where he was and what we'd done to his car," he explained. "I told him he's the one who crashed into us."

Gandia said the curve in front of the Lakeview Road house is almost too sharpe for sober drivers to handle. It's not the location for racing, in his opinion.

"When I was younger, we'd take this kind of thing out to the dirt roads on the edge of town where there were no houses and no kids playing. He could have hit little kids if they'd been out there," Gandia said.

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