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Editorial - 12/31/12

As the door slams shut on another frustrating year, with our debt-ridden economy pushed to the precipice, and the nation's dream-landers awakened by the earthly-reality of both returning and new federal taxes, the Big Media folks and their D.C.- masters work hard to sweep a one-word issue under the nation's carpet:  Benghazi.

After clinging to the untruth of a spontaneous-demonstration , triggered by an unknown YouTube movie-trailer, and after actually sending a video love-letter to the Islamists, disclaiming any Fed responsibility, the dishonest, CYA-sand-castle was flattened by the pounding waves of sunlight.  A recent Review Board report, authored by Administration appointees, confirmed no street demonstration, and no connection to a YouTube video.  The report cited, instead: State Department "leadership and management deficiencies," resulting in inadequate security. No fault found at the top, of course, despite  multiple messages from Ambassador Stevens, during the past year, about the deteriorating situation.  Four employees at State were disciplined, but not fired.  Thomas Sowell's common-sense admonition pertains here (quote):  "It's hard to imagine a more stupid way of making decisions than putting them in the hands of those who pay no price for being wrong."  But the biggest issue remains: with military help, worst-case, 3-hours away, in an over 7-hour battle, why were four Americans simply left to die?  On whose authority, and blood-stained hands, did "stand-down" orders come?  So far, silence, as politics, again, over-rides integrity.  The Benghazi murders must not be forgotten, despite the collective efforts to make us do so.   

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