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SCMPD urges drivers to protect their cars from theft

Officer Samantha Stephens Officer Samantha Stephens

Savannah-Chatham Metro Police want drivers to know how to protect their cars from auto theft.

SCMPD officers say they have reports of 640 thefts this year alone, down slightly from last year.

Officer Samantha Stephens said people are making it too easy for the bad guys to get in.

"Our problem right now is people are leaving spare keys in their car," she said.

Instead of leaving spare keys in your car, leave your spare key with a person you trust in case of emergency.

Stephens also warned the public that despite the chilly weather, you should never leave your car out of your sight. This means instead of pre-heating your car in the morning and leaving it on, drive around to warm up.

The bottom line? Never give thieves a reason to believe your car is an easy target.

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