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Carriage companies, city of Savannah reach deal


After months of meetings, the city of Savannah and two horse-drawn carriage companies reached a deal on where the companies can set up their carriage stands after the city decided not to renew their leases in City Market.

Plantation Tours and Carriage Tours of Savannah will stay downtown, but will relocate from City Market when the leases expire Jan. 13, 2013.

Both company's carriage stands are located in City Market on Jefferson Street between Congress Avenue and Bryan Street. The city and both companies agreed that one stand would be moved to the north side of Telfair Square, and another in the 200 block of Bryan Street between Jefferson and Barnard streets.

Another carriage stand will also be set up on West Bay Street between the Hyatt and Bohemian hotels.

The city decided not to renew the leases because Wet Willies was opening a new location in City Market, and there was concern that an outdoor seating area would be too close to the horses.

Some residents and business owners are upset about the horses leaving because they feel the horses bring charm to City Market, and have been there for years.

City officials say after hearing from the company's owners, the issue has finally been resolved.

"One thing I have to thank are the impacted parties, the carriage companies for working with us to find a resolution. We want to look at how we can make things work better for us so something like this never happens again," said Bridget Lidy, with the city of Savannah.

The city says it really had no choice but to ask the carriage companies to leave City Market because the space is leased by City Market Associates, and they had the upper hand.

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