Meals on Wheels Volunteers Deliver More Than Food

With the intense summer heat across the Coastal Empire and Low Country, many folks need some extra care, especially the elderly. That's where Senior Citizens, Inc., comes in. They are a part of the Meals on Wheels Association of America. WTOC tagged along with some volunteers as they delivered meals to the elderly today.

This program means a lot more to the elderly than just the meals. For many of these senior citizens, the Meals on Wheels volunteers are the only companionship they really have. And with these hot summer days, they truly need some extra care.

Today is Frances Porzio's 90th birthday, and Lemar and Kay Clark brought her a cake to help her celebrate this special milestone, even when some family members were not able to. "My daughter lives far away," explained Porzio.

But Porzio's house wasn't the only stop today. The Clarks deliver 20 meals a day, serving up smiles along the way.

"They're happy," said Lamar. "They want to talk, so I talk."

But just some simple conversation for many seniors on the Meals on Wheels route means everything to them. Cora Gordon told us, "When you get old and retire, you get lonely and people don't come to see you."

Volunteers like the Clarks drop off 700 meals a day in Chatham County. They're more than just delivering food. The volunteers are also delivering care. Simply having someone to talk to has become a daily struggle for many of our neighbors in the Coastal Empire.

"I've cried, I've laughed with them," said Kay Clark. "They're just lovely people, all of them."

"It means everything because I don't have anybody here," senior Gordon said.

Meals on Wheels is always looking for volunteers. For more information on how you can donate your time for a great cause, call the marketing and development department at Senior Citizens, Inc., at 236-0363.

Reported by: Hena Daniels,