Effingham Co. Sheriff's Office monitor roads on New Years

Effingham Co. Sheriff's Office monitor roads on New Years

EFFINGHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - While many were out celebrating the New Year, Effingham County sheriff deputies were out on the roads keeping drivers safe.

Traffic stops were set up throughout the county to make sure drivers were being responsible and careful.

Deputies would check the driver's license, vehicle tags, and of course, make sure that the drivers were sober.

Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie emphasized that times have changed and more cars on the roads means a greater danger.

"You can't ride ten minutes without passing a car on the highway anymore. The traffic has quadrupled in the past 20 years. The amount of traffic you have to deal with on a daily basis, it may only be 10 minutes down the road but you may run into 10 to 15 cars that you may cause to get into a wreck," said the Sheriff.

Traffic checkpoints like these allow deputies to interact with more drivers than if they were simply patrolling the roads by car.

"Setting up a check point like this allows us more contact with drivers more than just the four traffic deputies out patrolling. We set up in strategic locations that we know will have heavy traffic and that of course gives us more contact," said Sergeant Brian Mundy of the Traffic Enforcement Unit.

The deputies stopped dozens of vehicles but made fewer arrests and gave out fewer citations than last year.

The deputies say that there are so many more options that are available that can get you home safe. Designated drivers is of course one of the best options to be responsible, but AAA's Tow-To-Go program offers free rides as well.

"I mean, have a designated driver. We were out there and probably stopped over 3 dozen cars and there were some people that had been drinking in the car but the drivers were designated drivers and we encourage that. If you want to go out and have a good time that is great but have a designated driver," said David Ehsanipoor, Public Information Officer with the Effingham County Sheriff's Office.

Many people in the community thanked the deputies for coming out and protecting the county.

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