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Pete Liakakis moves on to life after Chatham Co. Chairman

Pete Liakakis Pete Liakakis

With a new Chatham County chairman officially in the saddle, where does that leave the now former chairman, Pete Liakakis?

The man his colleagues call a "work horse" has no plans to retreat to private life and tells WTOC another run for a major local office is not out of the question.

"I've had quite a number of people in the last number of months ask me to run for different positions," Liakakis told WTOC.

He may not have be granted a chance to run for a third term as Chatham Co. Commission Chairman, but he's not leaving public service.

"I'll be keeping pretty busy, you know, be a community activist and help this and help this commission. Whatever I can do to help," Liakakis said.

There will be no bull riding at Saddlebags, golfing in knickers, no karate lessons or housecoats and remote controls as Liakakis was photographed by South magazine in a recent issue pondering the same question of life after office.

Liakakis says he's just been appointed chairman of the Chatham Area Transit board, he's working with Southeast Georgia Police Academy, he's on Savannah Technical College's board and he will be active and visible in the community.

"We need to do whatever we can to help the citizens of this county," he said.

Liakakis already has a building named after and dedicated to him, so no return to bodyguard work for Burt Reynolds.

He was recognized with a standing ovation Wednesday morning as the man who will replace him, Al Scott, was sworn in as the new Chatham Co.Chairman and accepted the oath of office.

"He's done a great job for the community in the past. I think he will do a good for citizens of Chatham County," Liakakis said of long-time friend Scott.

Whether it was the Truman Parkway Expansion,  the Diamond Causeway-Skidaway Island Bridge project or numerous other projects he had his hands in, Liakakis says his work is not done and there may be gas left in his political tank.

"Whether it has to be a state legislator or something on a local level, we'll see about that," he said. "But I know I have a lot to do with the things coming on board now."

Liakakis plans on staying busy in the life after office. He also told WTOC he hasn't ruled out a run for mayor of Savannah or another run in four years to regain his chairman seat, but thinks Al Scott will do well and says Mayor Edna Jackson has done a "great job."

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