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Home invasion and homicide remains under investigation in Appling Co.

Mandy Courson, Jonathan Courson Mandy Courson, Jonathan Courson
Mandy Courson Mandy Courson

A woman is dead and her husband tells police he was left alive after a home invasion in a quiet Appling County subdivision.

Friends, family, and neighbors in Baxley are all in shock at what he says happened at their house on Corey Street in the Oak Ridge Subdivision early Friday morning. 

The couple's two-year-old daughter was home the entire time.

Mandy Courson, 28, had worked as a hair stylist in Baxley at a beauty salon for the last several years. Her co-workers were stunned, emotional and confused about the events described by Mandy's husband, Jonathan Courson, 26. He says two black males forced their way into their home at 4 a.m. Friday morning, tied them up, killed his wife and left him tied up.

He struggled to a security alarm inside the home, which never went off in the first place. 

"You said he didn't have any injuries," I asked Sheriff Benny DeLoach, Appling County Sheriff's Office, about Jonathan Courson.

"Not any real apparent injuries but he was tied up," DeLoach said. 

While Mandy Courson's cause of death has not been released, and may not yet be known, DeLoach was very clear on her husband's condition following the ordeal.

"His injuries were minor," DeLoach said.

DeLoach told WTOC Courson told them two black males forced their way into their home, tied up him and his wife and later killed her. 

"That is what the homeowner advised us," DeLoach said. "Everything looks like a home invasion."

Sheriff DeLoach told WTOC he had questions too about why two criminals would pick this house out of all of Baxley if they were not known by the victims. It's just one of many pieces of this mystery law enforcement is trying to determine, including understanding why the husband was allowed to feed his daughter during the situation to put her back to sleep. 

By 6:30 a.m., his wife was dead, taken to another room in the home, DeLoach said, and Courson said he was able to activate the alarm system for help while still tied up.

"This is unusual. It's unusual for Appling County for anything to happen like this," the sheriff said. "It's a quiet neighborhood. A lot of good people live there."

"It was definitely a shocker for this neighborhood," one neighbor, who lives directly across the street, told WTOC.

The neighbor says neither he or his family saw anything unusual in the early morning hours, and did not know anything was wrong until deputies and EMS showed up.

"It's definitely unusual and makes me kind of scared. I am alone at the house a lot," said the neighbor.

Police have remained on the scene, and as of 5 p.m. Friday, Mandy Courson's body has not been removed from the home. 

In 44 years of law enforcement, this situation is nothing the sheriff has seen either.

"I haven't. No. Not personally," he said.

Mandy Courson's co-workers, people on the street, neighbors all want to know more details on the case, but Sheriff DeLoach says it's in the hands of the GBI now. DeLoach is hoping a follow-up interview with Jonathan Courson will provide more details. Jonathan Courson was expected back in late this afternoon. 

With no suspects so far and no evidence, the alleged two black males Jonathan Courson says committed this heinous crime knew the family, the sheriff said all he would say is at this time is it is still being investigated as a home invasion and homicide.

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