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Prosecutors fired from Chatham Co. District Attorney's Office

Meg Heap Meg Heap

Just two days after Meg Daly Heap was officially sworn in as Chatham County District Attorney, the restructuring of her office began.

Five Assistant District Attorney's were terminated on Friday. Heap declined to name them.

Heap did tell WTOC she's been interviewing all the prosecutors in the office to see who is equipped to take on cases in superior, state, and recorders court. That also included people outside the district attorney's office.

The terminations are part of a restructuring process that includes the formation of a new task force called the Major Case Division. Heap says the organization will handle murder cases, armed robberies, child molestation cases and more.

"I've been meeting with prosecutors to figure out who's going where, who will be handing those cases, who will handle the cases in state court and who will be handling all the other felonies. From burglaries, to entering auto, to aggravated assaults, it's a big change. I want to make sure my prosecutors are prepared. That they've met with their victims, they've met with their witnesses, they've met with the police, and they've gone over the evidence, so when they go into the courtroom, they're ready to handle the case." she said.

Heap said she interviewed a total of 50 prosecutors. Even though five assistant district attorney's were fired, Heap is planning to re-hire for those positions.

Heap also said the Major Case Division will start Feb. 1.

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