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Southside fire return from Sandy cleanup


By Lynda Figueredo - bioemail

When six southside firefighters volunteered to help with Hurricane Sandy cleanup in New Jersey, they knew they would be traveling to an area still reeling from widespread devastation.

"When you actually see what is up there and what you are dealing with, you get a better sense of why you went there," said Southside Firefighter and EMT Malachi Mosier.

What they didn't expect was the extent of the destruction and need that remained nearly 2 months after the storm struck the East Coast.

"Until you actually get there and see what really happened, when you finally get to the site where the destruction is," said Volunteer Ashley Chencharick. "It is breathtaking I don't think you can describe it. There are boats in peoples yards, there are houses sitting in streets. It is devastating. its' a lot to take in for one time."

The crew left the day after Christmas and traveled up to New Jersey where they joined with a volunteer group called, "Team Jersey."

"it is much more powerful on a personal level, to see how these people have been affected and removed from their homes and for how long at this point," said Mosier.

"A lot of houses were destroyed," said Firefighter and EMT Christian Ingram. "We worked on a home that caught fire during the storm. We cleaned up a lot of yards, because of the floods that happened while we were there."

The firefighters returned home before the New Year, yet they are still struck by the enormity of the work that remains.

"It makes me feel great that I can give back to other people in their time of need," said Ingram.

The firefighters say it's their job to help people, even if they life across the country in a time of need.

"People are people everyone needs help," said Mosier.

The Southside firefighters say they plan on making a second trip up the East Coast to help victims of super storm Sandy.

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