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InSITE--Party on the Water!

The party's starting on the river! The 49th annual Beaufort Water Festival. Ten days of all kinds of fun for the whole family. If you've never been, you need to check it out. In person, and on line. The people who put together the festival also put together a web page with everything you need to know.

The first place to check for an overview is the schedule. Note there they actually started some events, like the fishing, golf and tennis tournaments, weeks ago. Just browse it and note the things you don't want to miss. They also break down the events by category, in the column running down the left side of the page. A page for sporting events, some already in the history books, others still to come. Another for the water events, like the ever-popular raft races. It's too late to register, but you can still watch. Or a poker run, by boat, the river rally. It's not to late for this event, you can sign up when you float up sometime Sunday.

They'll post pictures of the events as they happen, like the fishing tournament, just completed. If you're ready to go, they offer a link to directions to Beaufort, which isn't a bad idea if you've never been. Beaufort is still a fairly compact town, and most of the events are along the river, so parking can be at a premium. They've set up a free shuttle system, with free parking, so check it out to save some hassles.

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