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Editorial - 01/07/13

If we spent our personal money with the same dreamy-abandon as our financially-frolicking federal government, our checks would be bouncing like that non-stop-ball on the sing-a-long screen. We've elected, and they've appointed, those with open distain for America, allowing unlimited access to the nation's cash-drawer, dispensing funds to friends, followers, and phonies, here and abroad.  And where's all that loot coming from?  These days, mostly from added taxes, and simply printing more, since our spending orgy, and credit-decline, have iced-down many foreign borrowers.        

In 2013, the Feds plan to borrow $85-billion a month, projecting over one-trillion in new borrowing, proceeds from treasury and mortgage bond sales, purchased by our Federal Reserve, largely from money we're printing!  Inevitable inflation aside, from this mega-dump of new dollars, we're now supporting our addiction with money, still dripping, wet, make that red, ink!  Ever-adding to our mind-numbing debt, trillion-dollar deficits are now going-on five-years straight. Among our callous spending excesses: over 140,000 new federal workers since 2009.  In fact, seventy-three-percent of all U.S. hires, in the last five-months, were federal, while the fiscally-responsible private-sector now faces tax-driven cut-backs.  Said John Adams, centuries-ago: "There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation.  One is by sword. The other, by debt."  Clearly intending to destroy, then devour, capitalism, bankrupting the nation, and our future, it's beyond obvious. Our financial system is being run into the ground by lunatics.

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