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Sheriff urges patience in Appling Co. homicide investigation

Mandy Courson, Jonathan Courson Mandy Courson, Jonathan Courson
Mandy Courson Mandy Courson

While two Appling County families prepare for a funeral, investigators continue to comb over every inch of the house where a husband told authorities he and his wife were tied up after a home invasion and she was murdered.

It all happened while their 2-year-old daughter was asleep upstairs.

The home invasion/homicide has captured the attention of southeast Georgia and social media sites online. 

The details of the case have also sparked rumors and speculation.

You have a beautiful young mother, murdered, and her attractive husband surviving a deadly home invasion. While many want answers, and arrests, Appling County Sheriff Benny DeLoach says let the law do it's job.

"We all watch television, CSI and all that, and you see how quick they do things. But, this is the real world," DeLoach told WTOC.

He may not have a computer, but he's heard the rumors and gossip of alleged confessions and arrests the old fashioned way. All of it, DeLoach said, is false. 

"If and when we make an arrest in this case it will be made public," he said.

The sheriff said they have no suspects yet in the death of 28-year-old Mandy Courson.

"I guess you could say a lot us are persons of interest. We are investigating a home invasion and murder," he said. "I look at it as we are doing a job and we are doing our job."

DeLoach reaffirmed some details he could release. He said Jonathan Courson, 26, told detectives that the intruders allowed him to feed his daughter when she woke up in the midst of the reported invasion.

"He gave the baby some milk and the baby went back to sleep," DeLoach said.

He also gave new details on the how the couple was found. He said that even though both Jonathan Courson and Mandy Courson were tied up, DeLoach said the husband had very minor injuries and cuts. Mandy Courson was found tied up in a different part of the house.

"From where it started at, she was found in another room from where it started at," he said.

Living memorials and Facebook comments remembering Mandy Courson, wishing the families well, and sharing pictures are growing. One comment from a former classmate describes Mandy as "a sweet and wonderful person" and "one of the kindest people I've ever known."

The news updates on the case have sparked accusations, speculation and presumption of guilt without any facts or evidence. 

"I hear the same rumors they hear and this is my statement: If it doesn't come out of Benny DeLoach stating or informing of certain things, chances are it is a rumor," DeLoach said.

Almost four days later, crime tape remains surrounding the home on Corey Road in Appling County. A lone sheriff's deputy is watching the home.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is still in town investigating and interviewing people, including Jonathan Courson, who has secured attorney Deen Strickland.

Mandy Courson's body was removed late Friday night and has been sent to the GBI Crime Lab for an autopsy. 

DeLoach said that all his office can do is wait for the GBI's report, follow its recommendations and necessary actions, and take it to the district attorney for the Brunswick Judicial Circuit.

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