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Supreme Court upheld Heidt convictions; Sheriff ready to move on


Craig Heidt was convicted just over two years ago of killing his brother and father and shooting his mother.

On Monday -- the Georgia Supreme Court unanimously upheld the convictions.

"I'm ready for that family to get some peace. There has been hope and denial...hope and denial. The family needs rest from all of it," Effingham County Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie said.

Much of Defense Attorney Dow Bond's appeal focused on a shotgun he says ended up in the hands of investigators...but never made it into evidence.

Bonds told WTOC he was never told about the gun until after the verdict. But Sheriff McDuffie says that is not true.

"The shotgun was handled exactly the way it was supposed to be. The family knew about it, the lawyers knew about it, everyone knew about it,' McDuffie said.

Bonds released a statement Monday saying: "'On behalf of my client Craig Heidt, we are extremely disappointed in today's decision by the Georgia Supreme Court, affirming his conviction. Craig continues to maintain his complete innocence & will continue the fight to one day regain his freedom."

Heidt was sentenced to two life terms.

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