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Hinesville school wins Under Armour gear in national contest


Students at First Presbyterian Christian Academy were still buzzing days after they learned their school had won $140,000 in sports gear from Under Armour. Those that attended the half-time announcement at the high school All-American game in Orlando hadn't gotten off cloud nine yet.

"Once we got down to the field, my heart just squeezed so tight, I couldn't breathe. It was nerve-wracking to say the least. When they finally said the name, it was an eruption of joy," explained FPCA junior Bethany Lormis.

"I don't remember them actually saying our name, just the winner was from Hinesville, Georgia. That's the point everyone was out of their seats," added sophomore Abigail Jones.

The school was one of 750 to enter Under Armour's Undeniable Challenge. School's submitted videos to demonstrate their school and community spirit. FPCA finished second in the contest in 2012 and decided on the ride back from Orlando they would enter again, but began working on potential projects months before the company announced the contest.

"We just approached it at full force. Because we're a small school, nobody expected us to do anything," noted senior Trevon Harris.

Students said the challenges from Under Armour came with quick deadlines - usually 48 hours or so. The grueling 90 days of projects taught them to believe in themselves and each other.

"We may be a small school. We may be an underdog. But we can do anything if we believe," noted sophomore Christian Melton.

School officials said Tuesday they don't have any plans for how or when Under Armour will deliver the uniforms, practice gear and other equipment but promise a big announcement when they do.

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