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Is break in Franklin case close?


Chief Willie Lovett understands the frustration of unsolved murder investigations.

"I can tell you a couple of homicides that I know of and I know who did it,'' the chief said Tuesday while discussing 2012 Savannah crime statistics. "But knowing is just not enough. You can't go into court and say, your honor, I know he did it. You have to have sufficient evidence.''

So the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department keeps working, and Jimmy Franklin keeps waiting to find the person who killed his son.

"We have not heard anything, There's really been no contact,'' said Franklin, whose son was shot outside a Sandfly bar last June. "We don't know. We don't know anything.''

Surveillance video has not brought forth a suspect in the shooting of Wesley Franklin.

A sizable reward and 20,000 flyers have not led to an arrest. And now anniversary dates and not knowing compound the Franklin family's sense of loss and frustration.

"Christmas day, the 25th, was six months,'' said Jimmy Franklin. "My birthday will be the 25th of this month and it'll be seven months. It is probably the most difficult part, other than actually the night Wesley was shot. It's been six months and we have no idea.''

And although Chief Lovett told WTOC that movement in the case could be close, perhaps only days away, that claim is far from satisfying for anyone involved in the case.

"I have heard it in the past,'' said Jimmy Franklin. "For the last six months, I've heard the same thing, but nothing's come of it.''

"My heart goes out to these people and we are trying extremely hard,'' added Lovett. "Because of the lack of eye witness testimony in a lot of cases, we have to rely on technology to prove some of these things. And technology and tests and things we do takes months, six or eight months sometimes.''

So Jimmy Franklin will keep waiting and will keep visiting his sons grave every few days as he keeps hoping to deliver the news that Wesley's killer has been caught.

"I have the distinct feeling he'll know before I will,'' Franklin said at his son's graveside. "But I'll be here the minute I find out, I will be. The sooner the better.''

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