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Witnesses react to Rincon hostage situation


Dozens of families were put out of their homes for hours Friday evening, many of them terrified that an incident so horrific could happen in their own backyards.

Several neighbors watched anxiously in the surrounding streets as the drama unfolded on Whitehall Ave. Joyce Hunter said she saw the first of about 100 officers arrive around 2:45 in the afternoon. Shortly after, her grandchildren got of the school bus, but deputies told her and her daughter they could not go back into their home.

Although her granddaughters got home safely, her grandsons were kept at their high school during the whole situation.

Dena Bazemore says the incident hits too close to home.

"I'm going through a divorce, so this could have very easily been me. It's just a tough time whenever you have domestic problems and stuff like that and I guess that's the first thing that crossed my mind is this could have been anyone."

Hunter said this is not something she would expect to happen in Westwood Heights.

"This is something I see in Miami when I'm visiting my other daughter but never here so this is a little scary, this is very scary."

Hunter said she's seen the suspect several times walking around the neighborhood, and even claims to have seen him as early as this morning.

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