Atlanta Guitar Trio entertains during a free concert

Atlanta Guitar Trio entertains during a free concert

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Folks at St. Peter's on Skidaway being treated to a free concert Sunday afternoon.

The performance is part of a free "silent movie and music night" series. On Sunday folks got the opportunity to listen to The Atlanta Guitar Trio," a group of musicians from north Georgia.

The trio said these types of concerts are their favorite.

"it's great because you can hear the natural reverb and it just sounds like a concert hall basically, a live room, and so it's perfect for our instrumentation," said musician Scott Plato.

"We love doing stuff like this," said musician Adam Craighead.

"I mean, for some reason we can't seem to get gigs in Atlanta, but we get gigs outside of Atlanta a lot more, so it works for us. You know, we get to see a lot more cool places and meet people so we enjoy it."

The trio has been performing together for the past year and a half.

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