Editorial - 1/14/13

Perhaps sarcastically, Winston Churchill once remarked: "The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter."   The "average" of old has become the PC "low information" voter of today.  The latter programmed to swallow-whole, enormous loads of bravo-sierra, destined to ignite abdominal talking-points, ballot-box-gold for lemming-seekers. The latest shovel-full for "low informationals," is that America doesn't have a spending problem.  Attention earthlings: Of course we do!  Fueled, largely, by escalating welfare spending, with the goal of turning still-more citizens into robotic-dependents, seduced by Mother Government.

Welfare assistance for housing, food, children, unemployment, etc., all are sky-rocketing, not to mention what's coming with the clearly-unaffordable "Affordable Care Act."   D.C. seeks ever-more citizen-control, through continued-dependence, even using media to lure still more into Ma Fed's web.  In two areas especially: disability and food stamps.  No one argues with legitimate claims, especially among our elderly, and others, whose genuine ailments preclude work.  But questionable claims, and funding-abuse, with little, or no, incentive to stop, spike costs, the fault of perpetual dependence-seekers, and their enablers in government. We're spending more on federal welfare than on Social Security, or Medicare, or even national defense!  Founding patriot Benjamin Franklin once said: "When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the Republic."  Elections have consequences. So, when it comes to the governance, freedom, and future of America, ignorance is not bliss.