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Still no motive in Savannah man's slaying

Charles Ray Charles Ray

A preliminary autopsy shows that a Wilmington Island man died of several stab wounds.

Charles Ray, 35, is believed to have been slain in the kitchen of a Rincon home before being dismembered with a saw, according to Effingham County Sheriff's officials.

Inside the house detectives found several knives and a saw. Authorities believe Chad Moretz is responsible and tried to clean the blood left in the kitchen, but detectives used special equipment which reveled the grusome scene.

Authorities were led to the house on Whitehall Avenue after learning Ray was an acquaintance of Chad Moretz.

Authorities said that on Friday afternoon Moretz then grabbed an assault weapon and took his wife hostage. He had an AR 15 rifle and a .357 handgun in his waistband at the time.

Some of Ray's remains were discovered after Moretz was killed during the standoff.

A majority of his remains were found in a storage unit in Jasper County, that was rented by Moretz's wife a week prior.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation conducted an autopsy on Ray's body parts found in Effingham County. The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division in Charleston conducted an autopsy on most of the body parts, which were discovered in the Hardeville storage unit.  

"The autopsy with that was probably the torso down and that was the result of multiple stab wounds," said Effingham County Public Information Officer David Ehsanipoor. "I do not have an exact number. It was alot of stab wounds. A very brutal attack. Very gruesome scene. Very gruesome attack."

On the eve of the Rincon standoff, Kimberly Moretz called Coastal Storage in Hardeeville trying to get in her storage unit after hours, according to investigators. Moretz was told they needed to come back the next day.

Stone checked on the unit the next morning, but Moretz never showed.

Kimberly Moretz and her brother Kevin Lambert are charged with concealing his death. They were not granted bond. 

They're still looking into a motive.

Ray and Moretz had been friends for years. Authorities said that Moretz had an extensive criminal history and history of domestic violence.  Investigaors say Moretz had a troubled past. His father is currently in a Florida jail awaiting awaiting trial for killing Moretz's mother.

"Apparently there was a deep rough past here with his family and that is not to say why he did or didn't kill Charlie Ray," said Ehsanipoor. "It may have something to do with it. We are just speculating right now. Like we said before, it obvious Chad Moretz was a very sick individual. I would call him a disturbed person for what he did. It is definitely a gruesome crime."

According to police, there is no indication that anyone else was involved in the death of Ray. Deputies released the crime scene late Monday afternoon.

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