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Rep. Bakari Sellers renews efforts to give HPV vaccine to pre-teens


Dr. Deborah Greenhouse is in the business of keeping kids healthy, and today she was encouraged by a renewed effort to get the HPV vaccine to every pre-teen in South Carolina.

"I would love to see this vaccine available to all 7th graders, regardless of their ability to pay for it," said Greenhouse.

Greenhouse says that as both a doctor and parent.

"I've given it to both of my teenage daughters, and if I had teenage boys I'd do the same," said Greenhouse.

The CDC agrees. The series of three shots has been shown to prevent a number of cancers in both men and women. Greenhouse says giving it to 7th graders is a smart move.

"You want to give it to them before they're sexually active because it's been shown to be more effective if they get it before they're exposed to the virus," said Greenhouse.

Monday afternoon, Rep. Bakari Sellers joined former First Lady Jenny Sanford to announce what would be his second attempt at getting the vaccine in the hands of South Carolina children. Last year's bill was vetoed by Gov. Nikki Haley.

"I want the parent and child to be able to sit in a doctor's office and discuss the ramifications of having it and not having it and make the decision themselves," said Haley.

Parents Tamaron and Edith Calloway say, in the least, giving parents the information and option is a good idea.

"Me being a parent of three girls, I think I would want something like that," said Edith.

"I think they should get it just for preventing spreading the disease. Just for health reasons mainly," said Tamaron.

"I definitely think this is a smart decision to make," said Greenhouse. "There is no evidence at all that giving children this vaccine or discussing this vaccine makes them more sexually promiscuous. There's no evidence to that at all."

Greenhouse added that the risk of side effects with these shots is no greater than any other vaccine.

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