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Ohio college students search for their sugar daddies

Website seekingarrangements.com Website seekingarrangements.com

It's a website that many may find less than sweet. It's called seekingarrangement.com. It's a place where women can find a Sugar Daddy.

"I think it's sending a bad message that you are just a piece of meat or you are a slut," says Aishling Mural.

On seekingarrangement.com women ask for a set amount of money and are matched up with a sugar daddy willing to help out. The founder says  the men get friendship and companionship in return.

"My income fluctuates. I try to be honest about what expectations can be from me," said one woman who used the site.

Now the founder of seeking arrangement.com claims that more and more women on college campuses are using his site to get money for their education. The college where he sees the most growth - the most women signing up right now? Kent State University.

"A lot of the people here I'm friends with so it makes me leery," says Joey Courtney, a junior at Kent State.

No one we talked to at Kent said they knew anyone on the site.

"I kind of think it's an easy way out because I'm a college student, but I work two jobs and I go to school full time.  So I feel like it's an easy way out.," adds Courtney.

Kent State University released a statement saying

"We respect the privacy of our students and we would only become involved if their actions were found to violate the student code of conduct."

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