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Family remembers man brutally killed in Rincon

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Charlie Ray Charlie Ray

The circumstances surrounding Charlie Ray's murder are still difficult for his uncle Jimmy Ray to discuss or comprehend.

"You never think it's going to hit home, it hit home and it's terrible to think Charlie was murdered and what took place after the murder," said Jimmy Ray.

Jimmy Ray adds it hit home for a lot of people, as Charlie Ray was loved by many.

"He was the life of the party as everyone always told me. He was always very attentive to people, giving ladies a hug and shaking the guys hand."

Charlie Ray had a difficult life with the onset of Tourette's syndrome at the age of five.

"As he got older, the Tourette's syndrome got worse and he had to take heavy medicine for it," said Jimmy Ray.

Charlie Ray's parents made sure he got his medicine, but the last time they would see or hear from him was on New Years Eve, the night he was picked up by Kimberly Moretz.

"They figured he would call any day now, because he needs his medicine. Well, he didn't call," said Jimmy Ray.

Charlie Ray, at one point, considered Chad and Kimberly Moretz close friends. He even lived with his accused killer over the summer, but they had a falling out, and Charlie returned home. So what was the relationship between Charlie Ray and Chad and Kimberly Moretz?

"That is the big question mark. What was going on that we didn't know, when Charlie was gone, unfortunately," said Jimmy Ray.

Now, the family is turning to relatives, friends and the church to cope with the loss.

"It makes it a little easier, but as we get closer to this final, when we close the book at St. Peters, that will be tough when that day comes," said Jimmy Ray.

Charlie Ray's funeral and burial will be held at 11 a.m. Thursday at St. Peters Catholic Church on Wilmington Island. The visitation will start at 10 a.m. 

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