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Officials believe Moretz took rage out on Charlie

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Sheriff McDuffie and his investigators have barely slept over the past couple of days as they deal with what has proven to be one of Effingham County's most gruesome investigations.

"This has been hard on all of us," Sheriff McDuffie said.

McDuffie says the suspect, Chad Moretz, who was shot and killed by the Savannah SWAT Team Friday, is a sick individual.

"I don't think it was a question of if Chad was going to snap, I think it was a question of when," Sheriff McDuffie said.

McDuffie says Moretz was like a ticking time bomb and he says Moretz finally exploded with the brutal murder of Charlie Ray.

"I think the h aspect of it probably died with him. I don't think we have a motive at this point. Personally, I think it just happened when he finally snapped. Charles was there and that is who he took his rage out on. It could have been anyone in this community," Sheriff McDuffie said.

Moretz's wife Kimberly and her brother Kevin Lambert remain behind bars, but a judge did grant them a $25,000 bond. The sheriff says Kimberly was physically and emotionally abused by her husband.

"We have recovered evidence where he has beaten Kimberly on numerous occasions. We have video of him taping her having a seizure for nearly an hour. I thank God Savannah SWAT was able to come help us take care of what they took care of and if they hadn't done what they did, I don't think Kimberly would be with us today. I think his intention was to kill her," Sheriff McDuffie said.

Investigators said on Tuesday they believe Charlie Ray was killed late on Jan. 1 or early on Jan. 2, before he was reported missing.

Sheriff McDuffie says he is ready to put the tragedy behind him and he says his heart is with the Ray family.

"I just thank God no one else was hurt," McDuffie said.

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