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Empty well worries neighbors in Lyons

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Chrystine Turner almost immediately noticed the odd site next to the property line of the house in Normantown her family rented in November.

"It looked like old 18-wheeler tires," she recalled. "Then, my brother-in-law looked closer and saw it was an open well."

The well, and its broken concrete enclosure, sit just 2 feet inside a vacant lot next door and thirty feet from the road. Chrystine covered the 3-foot wide well with a piece of scrap sheet of wood. But she's worried visiting children from her extended family or kids from the other side of the block will uncover it and fall down the 30-foot hole.

"We've told them not to get near there, but I worry they will and they'll get too close and there you are," she added.

Turner said she'd contacted county and state agencies to report the empty well, but none said they could take action.

A staff member at the Toombs County Commissioner's Office stated county governments were prohibited by law from working on private property. 

Walter White at the Georgia Environmental Health Office in Lyons said he'd spoken with Turner about the well and advised the landowner of the concerns. However, because the well is not active, it isn't under any regulations for water quality and does not violate any statutes.

Until the property owner does something to cover it, Turner said, she'll continue to worry.

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