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Area gun enthusiasts react to President's proposal

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The President's new gun measures close the loophole that allows people to skip background checks at gun shows, but some brokers say this will be hard to enforce, especially in the private sector.

"Selling a gun to an individual, who is going to make sure that all the paper work is done right?" said Wildcat Archery Owner Bill Henneman. "If they are going to have to fill out a background check, a private individual won't do that."

Some say the administration didn't listen to gun owners concerns or consider any real solutions on how to keep children safe.

"I don't agree with them at all," said Connie Smith. "I think it is causing an unnecessary uproar and not solving anything."

"Law's like this will keep an honest law biding citizen honest, but a criminal is still going to find a way around it, find a weapon, whether it has ten rounds of thirty rounds," said Henneman. "They are going to still get it and cause this kind of terror in our society.

Some people WTOC spoke to Wednesday say the gun industry is misunderstood and the most effective tool to curb gun violence is education.

"They are misinformed and this is reactionary," said part time gun instructor Al Smith. "Yes, what happened in Sandy Hook is a tragedy, but people are misinformed. I believe everybody who owns a gun, whether is be a hand gun or a rifle, should have some type of formal instruction."

There is a lot of debate right now about whether Congress will pass these gun control measures. There seems to be plenty of public support for at least part of the President's proposal.

According to the latest Washington Post-ABC news poll, 52 percent of Americans say the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary has changed their minds about gun control and made them more supportive of it.

An overwhelming 88 percent said they favor closing the background check loophole for gun shows.

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