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Editorial Salute - 1/17/13

Among the significant, and seemingly overwhelming, issues engulfing our nation at present is finding employment opportunities for all, but most especially, for our military veterans.  With the budget-dictated cut-backs in troop-strength already in-play, not to mention the real possibility of an even deeper troop draw-down, if Congress and the White House can't get their respective heads out of that well-known, anatomical habitat, employment prospects for our vets will become even more challenging. 

Along with some government and organization programs focusing on this specific issue, there's another source of sunlight breaking through the gathering clouds.  And that's corporate America.  You remember, those private-sector companies, large and small, that drive our nation's economy, despite being repeatedly-maligned by elitist-weenies, and increasingly- handcuffed by over-zealous government regulation.  Wal-Mart has just announced a commitment to hire 100-thousand recent-veterans, nation-wide, during the next five-years, an outstanding out-reach effort.  Closer to home, among our many community-involved corporate citizens attuned to, and supportive of, veteran-employment needs, Gulfstream Aerospace stands-out as a very active recruiter of America's vets, establishing a distinctive unit within the company here, specifically to attract and hire veterans for their growing workforce.

On behalf of our country, and the communities of our two-state coastal-region, our sincerest thanks to those corporations and companies who've chosen to focus strongly on the hiring of our skilled and talented veterans, the courageous men and women who make it possible for the rest of us to live and prosper within the free-est nation on earth.



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