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Tim's Take: Sports frauds

Lance Armstrong Lance Armstrong

It was easy to move past what was once being sold as the greatest fraud in sports when it turned out to be not even the biggest deception of the week.

Manti Te'o might not have tackled many Alabama players in the BCS Championship Game. But he sure brought down Lance Armstrong, and Oprah's scoop while he was at it.

Armstrong's confession was an uninteresting as it was not surprising.

But it was effective in one way. And that was by moving us ever closer to the conclusion that nothing in sports, outside the games themselves, is real.

Baseball's record book, if not its Hall of Fame, is littered with fiction. The best golfer in the world was living a lie. Cycling is practically all phoney.

And even the most inspirational story from college football this season? I'm still not sure what that is. But it's sure not legitimate.

"This was a very elaborate, very sophisticated hoax,'' Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbick said of the alleged deception of Te'o, who says he fooled into believing he was involved in an online relationship with a woman who didn't actually exist. "The single most trusting human being I have ever met will never be able to trust again.''

Who can?

Who can continue to allow themselves to get lost in sports and its stories anymore when so many scams, schemes and outright fabrications suggest this new ground rule for every game?

And that is: Believe what you see on the field - the outcomes, the excitement and the remarkable athleticism. Just don't put any faith, trust and least of all hope in the people doing it.

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