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Editorial - 1/21/13

As with that Swiss guy yodeling about cough drops, the leftist call to bash-tax the wealthy, echoes all across the fruited plain, hoping to keep "low information" voters (stun-gunned), with this stomp-the-rich, class-warfare crusade, designed to punish success and diminish freedom.  

Using new, left-wing math, the sons-of-Satan "millionaires & billionaires," are now politically-defined as those earning 250-thousand-dollars or more a year. No wonder our kids have math issues!  It's those darn mini-me millionaires, many of whom are job-creating small business owners, who must be crushed to feed Marxism's income redistribution; the exploding government hand-put programs, bringing our nation to its economic knees. Top earners, stress, earners, already pay far-more than their "fair share," in fact, the top 5% of Americans now pay almost 40% of all federal income taxes, while nearly 50% of adults pay zero; paying no share, let alone a fair one.  But to keep folks addicted to government-happy-cash, let's just keep hammering the nation's wealthy, so our economy can't grow, and millions of our citizens, too many willingly, will remain government-captives.    

So, as we continue to demonize responsibility, integrity, smart-choices, hard-work, risk-taking, and financial reward, the pathway, open to all, for success in America, the question remains: what's the objective of further tax-pummeling the wealthy, the vast majority of whom have progressed, through ability and effort, to positions of private-sector leadership, or ownership, and financial well-being?  Why hammer this fraudulent scheme called "fair share"?  Some fictional reasons next time.

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