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Family: Bryan County man stabbed 27 times

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Jesse Gordon Neumans (Source: Bryan County Sheriff's Office) Jesse Gordon Neumans (Source: Bryan County Sheriff's Office)

A Bryan County man is fighting for his life after being stabbed at least a dozen times.

Investigators say 64-year-old Gary Watkins was stabbed multiple times Friday night in his mobile home in Ellabell.

Investigators have been unable to talk to Watkins to get his side of the story. They said Watkins named 31-year-old Jesse Neumans before going unconscious.

Neumans is charged with aggravated assault, but may face other charges including robbery. He is being held in the Bryan County jail.

Neumans told investigators he got in an argument with Watkins and stabbed him with a knife.

Family members told WTOC that Watkins opened his eyes for the first time since the attack on Tuesday. They said he was stabbed possibly 27 times and that it's is a miracle he is still alive.

Watkins has known his assailant Nuemans for many years, and has been known to help him from time to time.

Neighbors told WTOC that Nuemans had visited the neighborhood earlier in the week trying to sell stolen goods to get money for drugs.

Investigators said that on Friday night, Nuemans returned to Watkins' home in an attempt to get money and stabbed him at least a dozen times, which included a stab wound to the jugular.

Watkins, who is a disabled veteran, was still able to pick up the phone and call a neighbor for help after the attack.

"From what I understand, he went to the back room and stabbed him 27 times, said Gordon F. Watkins III, the victim's brother. "There is blood in bedroom and living room and he was able to hold his throat to call his landlady and get the police out here."

"I thought it was a prank call because it sound like someone gargling and I finally made it out and he called my name. I said, 'Gary, you all right?' He said, 'no'. He gargled. All I could make out is 'the law'," said neighbor Peggy Linn.

Watkins told his neighbor that Neumans had stabbed him, according to investigators. He was arrested several hours later.

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