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Fairground shooting suspects appear in court


Four people involved in the Nov. 3 Coastal Empire Fair shooting made an appearance in court Wednesday.

Detectives testified that the two accused shooters, LaJuan Sloman and Sean Siebert, are part of the two rival groups known as Hellhole and Tatemville.

During, the preliminary hearing, the court also heard from a witness, who is Siebert's cousin. He claimed Sloman saw them together at the fair snack bar and opened fire and Siebert fired back. There were eight victims in the shooting, two of which are now facing charges.

The defense tried to discredit the eyewitness, who detectives say gave false statements initially. 

"You had time to make up a story to protect your friends," said the defense attorney to the witness.

Detective Roshi Smith says Siebert asked his "baby mama" to give him an alibi for where he was at the time of the shooting. Siebert also told police he didn't shoot anyone. Detectives say they are having a difficult time getting people to come forward with what really happened.  

"Probably the thousands of people out there saw it but nobody has come forward," said Smith.

"You all don't have a witness that actually saw the shooting," said the defense attorney.

"No, sir," said Smith.

So far, police have only found one weapon used in the shooting.

Ephraim German was also in court charged with shooting a man in the head on Nov. 2 at the Oaks of Brandelwood apartments and giving police false statements about his involvement in both shootings. A fourth suspect, Terrance Thacker, is charged with giving false statements but is expected to plead out to a lesser charge.

All four cases will now be sent to Superior Court. The investigation is ongoing.      

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