Man and dog rescued from nightmare on Elm St.

Man and dog rescued from nightmare on Elm St.

HINESVILLE, GA (WTOC) - Several fire crews in Liberty County were called out to a massive house fire early Friday morning in Hinesville.

"You could see the flames shooting into the air about 50 feet over the trees and I was down the street," said Tricia Smith, neighbor.

The fire broke out at a home on Elm St. Fire officials say they battled the blaze for hours and most of the home is now destroyed.

Officials say two people were inside the home when the fire broke out. When police arrived on scene, they heard someone screaming for help from inside the home. Police and firefighters were able to get inside the home and get the person out safely.

"They actually heard someone screaming inside the house. Two guys went in and pulled a man out. He was treated and taken to Memorial," said Capt. Kristian Johanson, Hinesville Fire Department.

Johnason tells WTOC the victim did not suffer any burns but heavy smoke inhalation. They are expected to be alright. No other injuries were reported.

The strangest part of the morning was the second rescue firefighters had to make.

Firefighters say they were talking with neighbors who informed them that two people lived in the home along with a pet dog. They grew concerned at that time because they had not seen the dog and began to search the scene. They found the dog in its crate in the kitchen. They say it was scared and that it did suffer smoke inhalation. The dog was taken to the vet and they say it was alert and wagging its tail and they believe it will be alright.

"No burns on the dog. I mean you could tell the dog had been through a little bit of trauma but nothing major. They think the dog will be ok," said Captain Johanson.

Neighbors that were close by said seeing the flames bothered them.

"It was pretty disturbing. I couldn't go back to sleep. You could hear the flames and the engines and everything," said Smith.

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